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Lowest price guarantee

1. The organiser of the Lowest Price Guarantee Programme, hereinafter  referred to as the Programme, is the inTurs.net Ireneusz Bogdan agency, registered at 8 Brzozowa St., Krakow, hereinafter  referred to as the Organiser.

2. The Programme aims at ensuring the lowest online prices for apartment accommodation provided by the property owners and presented on the website by the Organiser.

3. All apartment properties presented on the website by the Organiser fall under the Programme.

4. The Organiser guarantees that if a client finds the same apartment property for the same period of time and the same number of people at a lower price on another website before making a reservation or within 72 hours after having made it, the price for the stay will be reduced to the price offered on the other websites plus 5% discount off that price or even 10% off if the client provides  their Loyalty Program discount code (see: Terms of Service).

5. To take advantage of the guarantee mentioned in Section 4, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • a) you must send an e-mail to: gwarancja@inturs.net with a clear screen print of the page where the particular apartment property is presented, with the visible website address on it and other details which allow the identification of the property, along with the price, the term of stay and the number of people which the price concerns,
  • b) the offer of the apartment property must exist under the website address given in the e-mail in the moment when the Organiser receives it. The moment of receiving the e-mail can occur within 2 full operating hours, counting from the moment when the e-mail reached the Organiser’s e-mail box.

6. After verifying the authenticity of the notification described in Section 5 letter a above, the Organiser:

  • a) will reduce the price of the reservation which has already been made, what is set out in Section 4,
  • b) will make a reservation at a reduced price, if requested, what is set out in Section 4.

7. In the event of an offer being interpreted differently by the client and the owner of the apartment, in particular with regard to the booking price and the sameness of the offer which the price concerns, the parties agree that the conclusive decision is at the discretion of the Programme Organiser. Any aggrieved party can apply to the competent, according to the provisions of the Civil Code, court for remedy,  if they do not accept this interpretation.

8. The Programme goes into effect on November 1st, 2010 and remains in effect until further notice. Cancelling the Programme does not affect the reservations made before the cancellation day.

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